Advanced Cataract Surgery


How is cataract surgery performed?

Cataract surgery is a 10-15 minute outpatient surgery that is performed while you are awake. During that time the cataract is removed and replaced with an intraocular lens implant (IOL). Typically the surgery involves no stitches, no bleeding, no needles and no pain.

I have cataracts in both eyes. Will the doctor treat both at the same time?

Typically, doctors will perform surgery in the second eye two or three weeks after the first eye. All patients are different, so talk to your surgeon about what is right for you.

Will I be asleep during cataract surgery?

Since this procedure does not take very long, general anesthesia is not necessary, and you will be awake. Your surgeon will use a local/topical anesthetic to numb your eye and you will be given a mild sedative to relax.

Will my cataracts come back?

Cataracts do not come back once removed. Your body may coat the new lens implant with a film that may blur your vision. This is sometimes referred to as a “secondary cataract”. This typically occurs months to years after your cataract surgery. When this film becomes visually significant, your doctor can perform an in office laser polishing of the lens implant to restore visual clarity.

Can I eat/drink prior to surgery?

If your surgery is in the morning, then nothing to eat/drink after midnight the night before surgery. If your surgery is in the afternoon, the surgery center will call you to let you know acceptable liquids/amounts.

Do I take my normal oral medication(s) the morning of surgery?

Do not take HCTZ or diabetic medications. You may take blood pressure medications with a SIP of water.

How long will I be there on surgery day?

Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure. Please allow 2.5-3.0 hours.

How long until I can drive?

You will need a driver on the day of your surgery and it is recommended to have a driver with you at 1 day post op. At that time, the doctor will discuss with you when you may drive again.

Can I wear eye makeup/foundation?

No eye makeup or foundation on surgery day. You may resume normal eye makeup 3 days after surgery.

What is lifting/weight restriction?

We recommend not lifting anything over 25 pounds for the first week after your surgery. Light exercise/walking can be resumed 1 day after surgery and normal exercise can resume after 1 week.

How soon can I fly post surgery?

Flying is fine after surgery although we recommend you plan to stay in town for the first week after surgery in case any complications develop.

Can I wear my regular glasses after surgery?

Yes. However, frequently your prescription will change immediately following cataract surgery and your glasses will no longer be useful. Check your vision with and without your glasses on and decide if they help or hurt your vision.

When will I get my glasses prescription after surgery?

You can typically expect to receive a prescription for glasses (if needed) at the 1 month post-op appointment of the second eye surgery.

Will I still need glasses after surgery?

At Moyes Eye Center our goal is to restore your vision to the clarity and crispness that existed before the cataracts developed. Our dedication to using only the latest devices to measure your eyes allows many of our patients to function fairly well without glasses, though glasses are often needed to fine tune your vision. For cataract patients who wish to have less dependence on glasses and contact lenses after cataract surgery, Moyes Eye Center offers cataract surgical packages that are designed to provide good vision without glasses.

What is the cost?

The cost will vary depending on your insurance coverage and any additional upgrades you choose for your surgery. The available options will be discussed with you during your cataract evaluation.

Will insurance cover?

Typically insurance will cover the standard portion of your cataract surgery. We recommend you review your insurance plan for any deductible or coinsurance that is your responsibility prior to your visit with us. Insurance does not cover the upgrades available in the cataract surgical packages.

When is payment due?

If you choose one of our cataract surgical package upgrades, payment is due in full 1 week prior to your surgery.